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Aerial image of a cottage in the countryside, with hills in the background on a sunny day with blue skies and a few clouds

Which industries normally need Drone Aerial Photography?

Estate Agents and Property Developers:

Make use of drone photography to showcase properties on the market from unique angles, providing potential buyers with comprehensive views of the property to showcase the property and surrounding areas in their entirety.


Drones are used for a variety of applications in constructions from initial site surveys, topography, surveying to progress tracking.  These high-resolution images and videos can also be used for project documentation and marketing purposes.


Insurance companies utilise drone imagery for evidence gathering for the extent of damage to either support or negate claims.  They are used for property inspections, particularly for inaccessible roof areas subject to storm damage or to map inaccessible flood plain areas after natural disasters or accidents.  This allows insurance companies to fully understand the extent of the issues, share data with contractors and partners and facilitate claims processing more efficiently and effectively.


The farming community now utilise drone technology for crop monitoring, yield estimations, and identifying irrigation needs, all of which helps to optimise and shape efficient farm management practices.

Infrastructure Inspection:

Employed to inspect bridges, pipelines, power lines, and other critical infrastructure, drones provide cost-effective and safe solutions for maintenance and monitoring.  Data capture can produce high quality photography, videography or 3D modelling.

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