Drone Services

Our Process

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Initial Enquiry Response:

We will acknowledge your enquiry promptly via email and provide a timeline for when you can expect a more detailed response.

Needs Assessment and Customisation:

We will contact you to gather more information about your specific needs and objectives so we can understand the type of project, location, budget, and any special requirements Based on the information gathered, we will customise a comprehensive proposal outlining the scope of work, tailored to your needs; deliverables; timeline; and a detailed cost estimate.

Instructions and Communication:

Upon agreement of our proposal, terms, and conditions, we will agree a timescale of delivery.  We will keep you informed at each step of the process and will always keep up updated of any delays caused by weather conditions etc.  Upon completion of drone deployment, we will again update you and remind you of timescales of deliverables.

Follow Up and Review:

On completion of services, we will follow up and ensure you are satisfied with the level of service provided.  We will also invite you to review us on a variety of platforms.